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I charge 12% of a month's rent, per month. For this fee, I collect the rent every month, AND...


1.     I receive all maintenance and repair requests, including holidays and after hours. We respond to emergency maintenance needs immediately, no matter the hour. I take bids, supervise and check work upon completion. I can use your people or mine to do work. We will work with your residential service contract provider if you have one. We have service providers that have been with us for as long as 30 years- they are accountable to us and will prioritize our calls! I provide monthly accounting and year end accounting, and quarterly if needed. Each month, I deduct my 12% , plus recoup any expenses I paid out for repairs over the month. This means that for you, the cost of  most repair expenses are defrayed until the following month, as we will pay them at time of service, and deduct the charge from your next month's rent.


2.     Make–ready between tenants is quickly and efficiently handled to minimize costs as well as insure the fastest possible turnaround- which means less days of missed rent between tenants. We often have one tenant out on the last day of the month, and the new tenant in on the first day of the new month. Rekeying and cleaning service and carpet cleaners are scheduled in advance. I will begin looking for new tenants when 30-day move out notice is given - and as I am showing the house to prospective new tenants, I am also noting anything we may need to take care of maintenance-wise for the new tenant, so these items can be taken care of in advance.


3.      UNLIKE MANY OTHER MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, WE DO NOT ADD 10-15% mark-up on invoices for work done to the property. We feel this is a conflict of interest, as the more money you spend on maintenance, the more money we make! We prefer to charge a little more on the monthly fee instead. For you, this means PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT management expenses. We do not have any hidden charges.


4.     We treat your rental property like it was our own. Each service call is evaluated, and we use a handyman wherever possible to save you money. If it looks like a licenced plumber, electrician or HVAC man will be necessary, we go to the “big guns” right away. Each repair is handled quickly and efficiently, at the lowest cost possible to you.


5.     We can deposit electronically into your account or mail a check to settle each month. Your funds are sent on as soon as we receive payment. Management fee does NOT include the commission for filling a vacancy.


6.     You are not required to keep an operating expense account with us, but if I cannot cover the expense incurred, I may have to ask you for a check to cover the cost if payment must be made before the next rent check is received.


7.     If a tenant needs to be evicted, I will be the one who goes to the courthouse to take care of it , and I will report them to our credit reporting service. I also deal with  any complaints from code enforcement, HOA’s, and neighbors, limbs touching power lines, and other issues that require attention.


8.     As a member of the Austin Board of Realtors and the MLS, I have access to free legal advice from the Texas Real Estate Commission’s legal hotline.   

For adding or deleting roommates or making other changes during a lease term, we charge $50 admin fee for the lease rewrite.  The fee for leasing your property is 85% of a months rent. Lease Renewals are a $200 flat fee.

I also do real estate sales (under AUSTIN ROCK CITY REALTY) so if you ever want to list your property for sale, with or without tenants, it can all be done in-house . 


Email or call me if you have any questions or need of my service! 

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