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Because the time when your property will hold the most interest to buyers is during it’s first two weeks on the market, these days are precious and our strategy must center on MAXIMIZING YOUR IMPACT during that time. We will have ALL visual marketing materials prepared and in place for the day we activate the listing. 

This means yard sign, slick flier, photos, MLS listing, on-line flier ad on Craigs list and many other real estate search sites, schedule the first public open house for the first weekend on the market, email flier blast to all Travis and Williamson county agents, schedule It on the next available area realtor tour, and promoting it through social media. I also use a professional house photographer to get the sharpest images possible for our marketing. Jerry Milton Photography does a fabulous job, using top of the line, state of the art equipment.


I tend to hold open houses like crazy, planning them for days when there are no big events that will reduce our showings - and looking ahead at the weather to try to have them on the days when buyers will want to be out looking. I also use the internet to the max - posting every three days on Craigs list, and, and as many other real estate search sites as possible. And of course it would be featured on my own website. 


Austin Rock City Realty is also a long time sponsor or the TXRD womens banked track roller derby. This puts our business, and your listing, in front of a large and varied fan base, as well as the athletes themselves. There is a standing add in the bout programs, a large banner hanging at every event, and shout-outs by the announcers, as well as links on the TXRD website. The banner is visible on the televised bouts and on the live webcast.   I receive a lot of business through this sponsorship. Having been in the business since 1985, I have a LOT of clients and get a lot of referrals. 



Our eye catching signs have been around for years and there is a lot of name recognition associated with that.  At your property the “take one” tube is always stocked with fliers, so the information is available right then and there for potential buyers.



Written feedback from showing agents lets you know how the property is being perceived by buyers and buyers agents. Automated emails generated by anyone accessing the lockbox let you know every time your home is showed.



I am also a highly skilled and creative negotiator, so when It comes down to working with a client on a contract, I will represent your interests and find a way to make a deal that is a WIN-WIN .

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