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Our great reviews give us great word of mouth referrals. Here are just a few we have received regarding our sales experiences. We pride ourselves in making the buying and sell of your home as smooth as possible. 

Bob Hale
President, Houston Board of Realtors


"You handled every detail of the transaction including negotiations, contract, inspection, warranty and closing. Thanks for being a true professional." 

Gary Hart
Professional Inspector 


Laura truly “ROCKS!”  She has a positive outlook and is very personable. The best thing about working with Laura is that she really listens to what is on your mind and what you are looking for.


She communicates information really well and lets you know what the next step or steps in the home buying process will be. She clearly has a lot of specialized knowledge and knows the Austin market. Laura deals with everyone with honesty and integrity. 

Ana & Santiago Gonzales


We met Laura about two years ago when our house was on the market with a realtor who we felt wasn't looking out for our best interest. Santiago was in the process of leasing a commercial property from her and we enlisted her help to sell/lease our house that had been sitting on the market for almost 9 months.


Laura quickly assessed the situation and was able to get the house leased in no time. Although we wished it would have sold, the market was in chaos and leasing was the better option. We are proud to say that our house is currently under contract and we can't thank Laura enough for her diligence and patience in getting our house SOLD! 

Laura is an amazing realtor/leasing agent to work with! She's a straight shooter and really knows the business. We recommend her to family and friends because of her honesty and integrity. She's not only our realtor, but our friend. 

Richard Cole


I’m so fortunate to have found Laura Croteau and Austin Rock City Realty when selling my rental property. She was referred to me by a friend after I told him of the problems I was having selling the property.


Laura was able to get the full value of the home. Her investigation of the comps and proper pricing was essential to the fast sale at a price over what a previous Realtor had listed. It was pain-free even during these tough times.


She always did what she said and never over promised. Laura is a breath of fresh air in the Real Estate Business.

Matthew Breston


Just wanted to drop a note on Laura. I highly recommend her. In my experience she can be trusted to provide a very clear, unbiased picture of what is occurring with the transaction so that she becomes a trusted advisor.


I have not once in over 5 years found her to be focused more on her commission than on the needs of a client. She is more on top of the market data on her listings than any other agent I have met. I do not think you can go wrong with her representing you.


It is critical that you have someone that can negotiate firmly on your behalf and who has no motivation either directly or indirectly other than to represent your best interests.

Anderson Howard


Here's my story. I've worked abroad for the past five years -- returning to the states two are three times a year. While looking for this investment property, I found myself in a crunch and had to close (July 10, 2007) right away. The house needed about $10k in repairs to get it ready for leasing. I only had 15 days remaining on my R&R before having to return to the Middle East. I had contractors lined up to do the work but it wasn't happening fast enough for me to meet my deadline.


My brother asked me what my plans were on completing my house while in the Middle East. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. That's when my brother introduced me to Laura. She's been a customer of my brother's for about 10 years. I met Laura to discuss her managing my property on my behalf; since I was up against the clock.


Laura met me at my property and laid out what she could offer in the way of property management. I had a good feeling about her mainly because she knew the area so well. I also grew up in the neighborhood as a kid and she knew it better than I did. Plus she came highly recommended by my brother. 

I hired Laura as my property manager and then stepped out on faith by handing her a cashier's check for $10,000.00 and asking her to get my house ready for leasing by August 1st. Laura said, she had never had a customer to do this before, but she understood my predicament and accepted.


Three days later I'm back in the Middle East; Laura had already listed my house on her website. She placed flyers in the University of Texas area and listed it also on the Internet. 

Some of the contractors I hired prior to leaving were complaining that they were getting too many visitors due to the media blitz. One of them even took her sign down so that he wouldn't have to answer any questions. The house leased within five days of her putting it on the market.


It get's better, I gave Laura $10k not expecting her to give me anything back in return or even coming back to me for another infusion of cash to close out the rest of the restoration and make-ready work. To my surprise, she was able to refund me $1800 with a complete itemized accounting of every cent she spent. 

Since then the house has only needed a few things done to it for the tenants, for instance, leaky water faucet repair, garbage disposal clogged and back-gate hinge latch broke. She has a guy for every situation. My elderly parents are now using Laura's handy men to do work around their house because she's been so helpful to me. 

I can tell you this; I haven't had to worry about one thing with this piece of property. Welcome Home Leasing deposits a check into my bank account no later then the 10th of every month along with emailing me a monthly statement of charges. My tenants have never been late one time. 

Adam Mangold


Austin Rock City Realty did a great job with my home sale. I had it for sale by owner, and Laura offered to list it for me. I ended up making more money, and it sold within 2 weeks of her listing. I received personal and knowledgeable help from Laura. Forget anything bad you have heard about realtors with Laura. Highly recommended for professional and friendly service. 

Marianne Curran
President & CEO
Curran Construction Corp


It has been our pleasure to work with Laura Croteau of Austin Rock City Realty in buying and selling a number of properties in Austin. 

Laura is a true professional, who works with you and for you in structuring the acquisition and obtaining the best offer when you sell. We have worked with many agents who promise much and totally under deliver. 

We plan on using Austin Rock City Realty as part of our team in 2006 and beyond and have no hesitation in recommending Laura Croteau. 

Mary & Chuck Herrick
3409 Robinson Avenue
Austin, Texas


"Laura Croteau, Owner/Broker of Austin Rock City Realty has represented us both as a leasing agent AND as our broker for the sale of our home at 3409 Robinson Avenue. PRIOR to selling our home, Laura managed our property as a leased home in French Place. She has one of the top reputations in Austin as a property manager (owner of Welcome Home Leasing), and as a real estate broker (Austin Rock City Realty)." 

"Laura Croteau has built an excellent reputation in the real estate industry. Through many years of hard work, education, and a dedication for providing superior service, Laura Croteau continues to be one of the top real estate professionals in Austin. Additionally, she has the experience and knowledge to perform market analysis for the client interested in either leasing a property or buying or selling their property." 

"As our listing agent, Laura provided us with a market analysis of our property, advised us on the preparation we needed to successfully sale our home, and kept us abreast of the process through the closing of our home." 

"Thank you Laura Croteau and Austin Rock City Realty. We will always recommend Laura Croteau to our friends and for anyone who is seeking the truly successful real estate transaction. Laura, you are the best!" 

Stuart Carter


"I used Laura Croteau as my listing agent on a home I sold at 5708 Bolm Rd. in Austin. My mother was a Broker for 19 years and I have very high standards for Brokers.


I'm pleased to say Laura met my standard and sold my home quickly. She appraised my home for 15 thousand more than another agent and got close to that price for it when it sold.


She is the only agent I would use when buying or selling a house in the Austin area. Please contact me if you have other questions." 

Peter Baer


"For the past 10 years Laura Croteau has been my real estate leasing agent and recently my realtor. I have always found her to offer very sound advice and reliable, consistent service. I trust her knowledge of the real estate and rental markets in my neighborhood and do not hesitate to recommend her to others."  

Barbara Gokenbach
St. Louis, MO (2005)


"Laura Croteau of Welcome Home Leasing delivers in a BIG way! She is honest, sincere, and hard working and gets the job done with minimal hassle. Everyone on her team is extremely courteous and professional-I will rely on her for all of my future real estate needs!" 

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