I have been an active real estate broker, working in leasing and management in Austin for over 30  years, and I have a large referral base and many loyal clients. Some own only one rental property- a few own quite a bit. I am happy to provide references (see YELP) AUSTIN reviews).


I have a small company; myself and two assistants. We offer very personal attention, total accountability, and we are serious about results. I am a licensed broker, a member of the Austin Board of Realtors, and a member of the Multiple Listing Service. I am active in leasing, property management, and sales of residential property in the greater Austin area. Rather than specializing in a particular area, my focus is more on my clients- I go where they need me. Because I am active in multiple aspects of real estate, I have a unique perspective on the market and it’s fluctuations. I can help property owners decide when its best to acquire more rentals, or sell of rentals; prepare your property for the sales market, rehab newly acquired properties to get them ready to be rented, or transition our tenants into first time buyers!